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In the early 1890s, a group of Englishmen clear-felled the area which was destined to become the Mercara Downs Golf Club. This was the decade when Golf was becoming increasingly popular. In the UK alone there over 2000 courses built.

At the turn of the century, more and more Englishmen were frequenting this course for a spot of Golf. World War I brought a spate of army officers who made the Downs even more popular. By the time the Second World War was fought, one could see a sprinkling of Indians, both civilians, and officers alike, on the course.

As WWII came to an end we saw the exodus of British officers, Independent India came into being and the archives lost its most valuable records. In 1951 Mercara Downs Golf was incorporated as an extension of the North Coorg Club. Only in the early 80s, it stood on its own as the Mercara Downs Golf Club.

MDGC 18 hole Golf Course spread over 100 acres with a modern Club House attached with eight chambers called “Mercara Down’s Retreat”.

The Club house and the Downs retreat are under expansion which should be ready by end of this year 2023.


The Club house expansion comprises of a party hall of 200 member capacity, including space for billiards/snooker table, Golf simulator etc.


The Downs retreat extension will accommodate 8 more luxury chambers .


We are affiliated to 53 clubs in India. Outside India with Nuwara Eliya Golf club Sri Lanka and Noosa Springs Australia.

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